Sometimes God leads us where the road is paved with sunshine and an understanding of who we are and where we are going.  It’s easy to trust Him in those times, because we sense a security in the here and now.  But sometimes, life throws us the unexpected.  The simple things in life suddenly become complicated.  Challenges turn into burdens.  Expectations reach unbearable heights.  Pain is masked in anger.  Freedom becomes a prison, and love feels like it will never come back around.  It is in those moments God is bigger, still.  His arms hold tighter hugs.  His lips speak tender words, and His eyes smile a deeper acceptance than ever before.  That is what this book and this website is all about.  God hasn’t given up, even if you’ve given in!

Please follow author LORI BENNETT as she shares with you her writings:

  • A fictional book dealing with the very real topics of abuse, survival, and finding hope in a less-than-ideal world.
  • Devotional thoughts.
  • Encouragement from one Mom heart to another.
  • Inspirational art/drawings/photography from the author’s own work.