October 2020

Hidden & Revealed

When two little creative minds are left unsupervised a lesson is learned by all.

Fear Not

“…the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into his heavenly Kingdom. All glory to God forever and ever! Amen.” 2 Timothy 4:18 NLT

Chapter 2

When you feel overwhelmed or like the world’s problems are all on you, the best thing you can do is reach out for help. Twenty-four years after Colleen turned Hope’s life upside down, Hope found herself in Greg’s office.

IN THIS CHAPTER: Greg leaned forward in his chair, adjusting his glasses on top of his nose. Wispy auburn curls teased the rims. “I agree that our past plays a part of our present,” he admitted, “but that doesn’t mean you’re broken. That just means you’ve overcome a lot to be where you are today.” …

Chapter 1

Predators and abusers make up lies and fabricate truths to bolster their storylines and propagate their agendas. It doesn’t matter who is in the crossfires or who gets hurt. They simply don’t care. There is no wrapping one’s mind around their motives, either; so no need to try. They will incite drama and discord…Just. Because. They. Can.

IN THIS CHAPTER: “Thirty minutes. One false accusation. And my life laid in shambles at the hand of a crazed madwoman….”

A Three Year Old’s Prayer

Oh, to be like a child–to expect God to provide before even knowing the outcome! I hope you enjoy this precious prayer and remember the innocence of coming to God.

Life’s Determination

Tiny and so innocent,
yet eager to reach beyond;
peeping ever earnestly
to let himself be heard.
He struggles to find the strength
that his arms won’t let endure;
and, as the fall comes naturally,
defeat is not his final word….

Life Amidst A Spiritual Battle

It’s already mid-September during one of the longest years in my personal history. Not only am I struggling to survive a world-wide pandemic along side the rest of the world, I am overwhelmed by having to parent two teenage daughters from a divorced home….

Inspire Greatness

One year in particular, I had a very determined redheaded teenager in my class with a jock-like attitude. I’ll call him Brad. He just knew my class spelled failure for himself, so why even try to do well or waste his time with what I wanted him to learn? Day in and day out, I watched as his shoulders slumped over the keyboard, his face reflecting complete indifference to the task before him. As an educator, discouragement taunted me. As a creative thinker, I knew there had to be some way to entice this young man’s learning; but what was his currency?

Wardrobe Makeover

Just ahead of my shopping cart, down a narrow, tight-fitting aisle at Ross Department Store, an unsupervised little boy darted in and out of clothes racks, flashing ugly faces at my eleven-month-old and three-year-old daughters….

The Sycamore Tree

My neck tilted back as I surveyed the trunk of the towering Sycamore. Majesty unfurled with the length of its branches. Vibrant green leaves glowed in the afternoon sun and danced with the gentle breeze that tantalized my senses. The awe-inspired moment left me wondering: why would a leaf ever want to leave such splendor?

If I Could

If I could… I would look into your eyes and remind you: You are God’s masterpiece. Nothing about you is broken….

Remind Me Gently

Little toys to trip on,
Late night feeding calls,
Hand prints on the windows,
Lord, I think you for them all…


“Why aren’t you listening?” I spat my accusation at God. “I need to know You hear me.” I crossed my arms and tapped out impatience with my right foot as if daring Him to answer. “I know I’m only thirteen, but even I know there’s more to this life than what I’m dealing with here.” I glanced around the room as if expecting God to materialize. When nothing miraculous happened, I added, “I feel ugly. Overwhelmed. Empty. What are you going to do about it?” I grimaced at the pain knotting my stomach.


Sometimes God leads us where the road is paved with sunshine and an understanding of who we are and where we are going. It’s easy to trust Him in those times, because we sense a security in the here and now. But sometimes, life throws us the unexpected….

Simply Ask

For almost two full minutes, I heard little feet walking around the kitchen and a tiny voice muttering, “Uh-oh…. Uh-oh….”