Just for the Life of You

Originally written November 12, 2004
Edited: October 10, 2020

Why did He do it?  What compelled Jesus to take on and endure excruciating pain for our sins?  You know why I believe He did it?  Because even though the agony of the cross was great, He knew the reward for bearing the pain was greater.

After I survived a tumultuous pregnancy and twenty-one hours of labor with my first child, I wondered how I would ever make it through a second pregnancy—yet, I knew I wanted more children.  That meant more pain.  Then I saw her face: pudgy round cheeks, dimples which appeared with every smile, eyes that sparkled when she would look up at me; and, suddenly, all the pain that had brought me to this moment was gone.  The only feeling left was one of knowing I would do it all again just to have this precious being in my life.  You see, before she ever came into existence, before I ever saw her face, I knew I loved her.  She was a part of me; and she filled a space in my heart that would always be missing without her in my life.

God views you and me the same way.  Even though He knew the pain it would cause Him to make us His own, His desire to have us in His life was greater.  He couldn’t imagine what life would be like without us, so He took the necessary measures to make sure He wouldn’t have to. “This is real love.  It is not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” (1 John 4:10 NLT)

The next time the devil temps you to question your value or the depths of God’s love for you, think back to the pain of the cross and remind yourself: He would do it all again just for the life of you!

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