Life’s Determination

Originally written: October 19, 1992

Tiny and so innocent,
yet eager to reach beyond;
peeping ever earnestly
to let himself be heard.
He struggles to find the strength
that his arms won’t let endure;
and, as the fall comes naturally,
defeat is not his final word.

Once again, he fights the battle,
new knowledge he obtains,
and trying even harder,
takes a plunge forward,
the very step of faith.

Now, even with the second try,
success may not be there;
determination, fight and conquer,
the enemy caught unaware.

Lord, let me take a lesson
learning the struggle
is worth the fight.
The process that I’m learning now
will help me take to flight.

But, more importantly,
let me know,
goodness in Your Presence
there does lie.
Lord, teach me how to
spread my wings,
then show me how to fly!

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