My Prayer for You

Originally written February 19, 2005

My prayer for you is this…

As you grow, may your dreams always remain big enough
to challenge you to new heights along life’s journey.

May wisdom guide you as you choose good friends—
ones that will lead you to and keep you close to Jesus.

May you learn early in life that happiness is not dependent
on outside circumstances, what others think, or earthly
possessions, but is something you choose.
It’s within your power, and no one can take it away.

May you be strong in what you believe, and
never let others steal your joy.

May you find inspiration from the simple things in life
and enjoy being uniquely YOU.

May you never fear standing up for what is right
or asking for forgiveness when you are wrong.

But, most importantly, may you discover
that the real reward of walking with Jesus
is greater than walking without Him.

As you grow and change,
always know my love for you never will!

Love, Mom

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