Special Thanks

To family, teachers, and friends who believed this story needed to be heard, your prayers have inspired, uplifted, and brought a dream to fruition. I have felt you beside me each step of the way, and I thank you beyond measure for your love, prayers, and support.

To my mom and dad, thank you for modeling a loving Christian marriage and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  I have never questioned your love for me, and that constant is priceless!  Thank you for being God in the real world and for trying to protect me from the harshness of it.

To Patty Hofer, thank you for seeing a talent in me way back in 3rd grade and tapping into my passion for writing.  My Life as a Postage Stamp changed my life.

To Michelle Nash, thank you for reading my rough drafts and giving editorial guidance.  God placed you in my life to teach me how to keep singing and praising Him on the dark days.  I am eternally grateful!

To my “Aunt Pru,” you know who you are.  You saved my life.  There are no words adequate enough to express my gratitude.  My prayer is God will grant me the grace to pay His love forward with the same dignity and respect you’ve always given me.

To my precious daughters, “I love you as much as Jesus loves me!” As you know, “God gives His hardest battles to his strongest soldiers,” and you are strong!  I am so proud of how you have risen above every challenge.  Always trust God’s heart.  He’s only a breath away. Safety is found in Him.

To my husband, Lee.  You are tangible love wrapped in unending patience and unshakable stability.  You remind me good men still exist, and God can be trusted.  Thank you for providing a safe place for my heart to heal and for my voice to be heard.  You are my person. I love you!

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