Waiting for a Rainbow (Lyrics)

Song written in 1993 during a really low point in my life.

I can see right now your strength is all worn out,
and the hopelessness you feel inside is starting to turn out
to be the hardest thing you’ve ever tried to hide…inside…
it hurts inside.

You say you’ve tried to make it out there on your own,
but no matter just how far you’ve gone
there’s no where to call home…
you’re all alone…
so all alone!

You’re waiting for a rainbow to appear…
a knight and three white horses to take away the tears,
but the answer waits inside of you that’s real…
Jesus heals.
He knows how you feel.

So when the gray skies come and darkness clouds your view,
and the answers seem so far away,
you don’t know what to do…
remember He loves you…
Oh, yes!
He loves you.

He opened up His heart to you,
He wants to let you in,
and with His love and mercy
He welcomes you but still…


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