You Completed My Picture

Originally written: September 25, 2014
Edited: October 11, 2020

My entire life I wondered what you would look like…
what your interests would be…
what kind of things we’d share in common…
if I would be able to dream about the world with you…
if your dreams would match my own….

Imagining you,
there was one thing I always knew:
I would be able to see the reflection of Christ
when I looked into your eyes.
He would be the most important part of your life,
and that would make everything else fall into place—
when and where it should.

Imagine my surprise when I found you.
You were everything I had dreamed about—
and so much more.

Your laughter has become music that enhances my life.
Your tenderness has been the persistence
that has torn down many walls.
Your compassion has made the love of God come to life.

When I look at you,
I see my future for what God wants it to be;
and I’m thankful to serve a God who believes in second chances.
You are the missing piece of my puzzle,
the person who makes my picture complete.

Thank you for stepping into my life…
becoming my life,
my joy,
my love.

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