December 2020

Chapter 10

Will the verbal abuse and hate stop as Hope defends herself against Brad’s bullying? Will Gavin’s friendship relieve the sadness in Hope’s existence?

His Was A Love Story

“The people who walk in darkness shall see a great Light—a Light that will shine on all those who live in the land of the shadow of death,” Isaiah 9:2 (NLT).

Chapter 9

“Negativity wrapped itself tightly around his words, harsh and condescending.” In this chapter, Hope becomes the recipient of escalating verbal abuse and starts questioning Brad’s Jekyll & Hyde moments.

Chapter 8

Bible class turns into a stalking incident that finds Hope learning who her real allies are.

Chapter 7

Trust can manipulate situations to gain unfair advantages, or it can be broken in a moment of deceit. Hope learns how both played into her beliefs about life.