Chapter 45

What walking away looks like.

Chapter 44

Val challenges Hope to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Gavin surprises Hope with a phone call which gives Hope closure. And a mirror reflection enlightens Hope’s view on herself.

Chapter 43

When Brad explodes at Hope while Calleigh is in the room eating her morning breakfast, Hope realizes it’s time for a change.

Chapter 42

Text messages deleted. Mystery appointments and medications. Getting hit in the face in the middle of the night. Hope’s life gets more and more complicated while trying to deal with Brad.

Chapter 41

Rape. Lies. Ignoring boundaries. Dealing with Brad’s twisted reality. Hope uncovers the truth. The more that’s revealed, the more complicated life gets.

Chapter 40

Situations at home make Hope realize she’s living in abuse with an unstable spouse who compares himself to a sociopath. When finding a lighter in the wash, twists and turns make Hope question what’s truth and what’s another lie.

Chapter 39

Hope faces the truth of who she married, then shares with Greg what happened before their wedding during the rehearsal dinner.

Chapter 38

A wedding proposal, planning, and a pretty big plot twist!

Chapter 36

Hope rehashes with Greg all the adventures of having her electricity turned off; then she shares how her relationship progressed with Brad…kite flying!

Chapter 35

A question from Julia makes Hope start to question what she knows about Brad.