A Heart That Will Love

Originally written April 11, 1994
Edited January 19, 2021

He holds his heart within his hands.
He holds it tightly,
guards it strongly,
and shelters it from worldly ache.
I fear he will never let sunlight in
and reap rewards of what love gains.

I pray he’ll let his heart to breathe.
I wish for freedom,
hope for endurance,
and ask God gives him eyes to see.
May all the blessings of an open heart surrendered
be heaped upon him generously.

And at last, may he be given an sympathetic mind…
to feel love’s emotions,
to understand the reality of pain,
and to live life as given from Above.
Lord, reach him now wherever he is,
and give him a heart that will love.

***Dedicated to a special friend.***

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