Because I Care

Originally written February 26, 1992

Because I care for you
I won’t ask you for answers you’re not ready to give,
I won’t make you out to be someone you’re not,
and I’ll respect where you’re at
even though I might not understand.

But because I care for you
I won’t always agree with you,
we’ll have a few misunderstandings,
and someone’s bound to get hurt.

That doesn’t mean I will love you any less
or think any less of you.
I’ll except it as one of the rough spots
encountered in any relationship,
and I will wait patiently till things work out or blow over.

Because I care for you
I’ll remember the good times we’ve had together;
put behind the misunderstandings and arguments
and treasure the memories of the times we’ve shared.

Because I care for you
I consider you my friend, trust in our friendship,
and hold a special place in my heart…

Just. For. You.

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