Slow Reveal

I like how the Bible points out: “…God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.” 2 Samuel 14:14 NLT

Most Bible stories didn’t happen in a huge rush of events, even though we can sit and read about them in the course of an hour or a few days.  Being a writer, I can appreciate when I can look at a story and skip over all the mundane stuff that doesn’t seem to be moving the story along.  I think that’s because, in my human state, I want to fast forward or skip all the “trudging along” or drawn-out places in the journey that makes me want to give up on the ultimate script and stop reading or believing God is doing something in the “slowness.”  It’s in these times I need to remember: God knows the beginning from the end, and He is weaving the perfect tapestry.  Our waiting is time God is using, whether we see the reason for it or not.

Lord, help me hold onto faith when the story I’m living gets tiresome and draining. You want what’s best for me and know what’s needed to get the ideal results. May I always trust in YOUR narrative and the time it takes getting to the final chapter.

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