Day and Night Belong to Him

Murky, ominous skies.  Eerie, creepy crawlers lurking in the shadows.  Blackness pervading every crevice and corner.  Night falls.  This is when the heaviness of failure and regret overtakes the progress you’ve made in the confidence of light. The struggle to overcome the simplest doubts and fight off an internal battle of good versus evil intensifies. There’s power controlling the unseen—an influence that urges us to believe the dungeons of our minds are real and inescapable, making the pit which we’ve slid into feel like insurmountable walls.  Trapping us.  Smothering our senses.  Suffocating the truth.  If light doesn’t shatter the darkness at dawn, we may never be able to take our next breath, open our eyes, realize the promise of a new day.  Maybe that’s why God made sure to tuck this verse into the Old Testament.  To give us hope.  To offer a gift.  To lay out a reason to hold on when we would rather give up.  “Both day and night belong to [Me]….” Psalms 74:16 NLT.  He is present in our mountaintop experiences, as well as the crushing blows and devastating anguish of our lowest lows.  He is even in the mundane, when everything about our existence feels blah and unimportant.  That’s why we can have faith in the journey.  The Creator of the Universe says: “When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the One who keeps its foundations firm.” Psalms 75:3 NLT  Remember today, right now, God’s got you!

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