Head in the Clouds

July 15-16, 2021
During a flight from Orlando to Dallas

What makes a sunset with clouds so wonderful? I mean, I’ve had my number of “Lori, you’d do so much better if you’d just get your head out of the clouds” moments aimed at my daydreaming and lollygagging over the years, whether it be at school doing my class work or at home procrastinating over chores. But that’s never discouraged me in the least. After all, isn’t that what we dreamers do? We become mesmerized by the wispy condensation of water vapors, captivated by the fanciful plumes and billows. We romanticize over the whimsical airiness that dances effortlessly in front of us until we’re caught up in the rapture of carefree creativeness that just comes spilling out of us. Having our heads in the clouds is what inspires and motivates and urges us to unleash our energy and passion for life. It drives us to push beyond the mundane and believe in the possibilities of what can be. It’s magical. It’s enlightening. It’s exciting! And when the sun hits those particles and reflects God’s majesty, it’s absolutely heavenly. Let me say, I know you may not resonate with my need to experience life at this level, and that’s ok. God made each of us to enjoy life a little bit differently; but, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll just stay right here and live with my head in the clouds.

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