What The Pen Expresses

Original draft written in 1993
Revised September 4, 2023

Once again she uses me
to reveal her emotions and feelings.
My ink flows onto paper
as her words spell out her healing.

Angry verbs divulge her deepness.
Adjectives display her compassionate heart.
Exclamations heighten each joyous moment,
while her passion conveys her true art.

I can tell you she loves the people
God puts in her life every day,
because I help document her journey,
fervently writing till everything is OK.

People and problems don’t run her life, though;
she’s strong, and she’s in control.
Her life is dedicated to the God she loves.
She’s handed Him her future to hold.

And because she lives her life in such poetic form,
creativeness around her abounds,
whether the rustling of leaves or the crashing of waves,
to her, life is an inspirational sound.

She gives with her heart, she loves with her soul,
no matter what the situation might be.
Take it from the one who knows her the best,
her companion, the pen—that’s me!

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