Mixed Tapes

I listened to some old-school tapes this week,
and I smiled when I heard your voice.
“Hang in there, Kiddo!” you reminded me.
I smirked, “Like I really have a choice?”

Even though you weren’t standing there, I could
hear you say with that twinkle in your eyes,
“Hey, you know better than that,” or
maybe it was just a simple, “Nice try.”

I reminisced a little more as I Wish You Jesus and
He Will Carry You filled the autumn air.
There’s been so much time between our hellos.
I wondered, “Do you even know I still care?”

Then came the dreaded news: world-renowned
TV Friend, Matthew Perry, had died.
Deep sadness began filling my heart,
as missing my real friend caused me to cry.

It’s not the notes on my desk or late night calls
that I miss–talking about everything under the moon;
it’s knowing living on earth comes with a great price,
and death often comes too soon.

I may not be the girl I used to be, the one who
recorded those mixed tapes shared from her heart;
but, I am the woman I am today,
because someone special once played a big part.

So, if I ever cross your mind when melancholy
lyrics from our worn-out songs begin to play,
know a text, a call, any form of communication
from you would truly make my whole day!

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