Blood-soaked Coat

Genesis 35-37

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite Bible account is that of Joseph. The first scene begins with Joseph witnessing his father Jacob and uncle Esau reuniting after many years apart. That reunion had grace written all over it. Then the tale morphs into Joseph being given a confusing dream at age seventeen. His older brothers hate him, laugh at him, plot against him, and eventually sell him into slavery. And, if that’s not enough drama to get you sucked into the storyline, the brothers go on to tear up Joseph’s coat, soak it in goat’s blood, and present it to their father, allowing Jacob to believe Joseph is dead. But, plot twist! God’s not done writing this story….

Oh, how often—like Joseph’s brothers—we take situations into our own hands and make such a mess out of life! But God continues to use our damaged pieces and redirect the outcome into a successful ending for His beloved children. HIS-story triumphs. 😊

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