Lori Bennett

Chapter 36

Hope rehashes with Greg all the adventures of having her electricity turned off; then she shares how her relationship progressed with Brad…kite flying!

Chapter 35

A question from Julia makes Hope start to question what she knows about Brad.

Chapter 34

What happens when the honeymoon phase is over and electricity in the house gets turned off?

Chapter 33

Hope learns more about Brad on their first non-date.

Chapter 30

A “little birdie” sends Hope someone in college to add fresh perspective on a complex situation.

Chapter 29

Hope sits in Greg’s office and learns something deep about herself that just may start helping the inner changes to start happening in her life.

Chapter 28

God uses a homeless man on the beach.

Chapter 27

Hope drives to Val’s house to receive emotional support from a friend.

Chapter 26

When Hope receives a phone call, her entire life pivots on a dime, and her relationship with Gavin takes a serious change.

Chapter 25

Hope and Gavin take their picnic indoors.

Chapter 23

The youth evangelism series came to a close and Gavin offered Hope a ride home.

Chapter 22

An unexpected guest arrives at Hope’s high school and is about to change Hope’s day.

Chapter 20

Hope reaches out to Val: “Sorry to be calling so late. It’s just that, well, it’s kind of important….”

This chapter addresses a pivotal moment in Hope’s life and her relationship with God.