Family Life

Heart Connections: Glimpses Into Family Life


Hidden & Revealed

When two little creative minds are left unsupervised a lesson is learned by all.


A Three Year Old’s Prayer

Oh, to be like a child–to expect God to provide before even knowing the outcome! I hope you enjoy this precious prayer and remember the innocence of coming to God.


Life Amidst A Spiritual Battle

It’s already mid-September during one of the longest years in my personal history. Not only am I struggling to survive a world-wide pandemic along side the rest of the world, I am overwhelmed by having to parent two teenage daughters from a divorced home….


Wardrobe Makeover

Just ahead of my shopping cart, down a narrow, tight-fitting aisle at Ross Department Store, an unsupervised little boy darted in and out of clothes racks, flashing ugly faces at my eleven-month-old and three-year-old daughters….


If I Could

If I could… I would look into your eyes and remind you: You are God’s masterpiece. Nothing about you is broken….


Remind Me Gently

Little toys to trip on,
Late night feeding calls,
Hand prints on the windows,
Lord, I think you for them all…


Simply Ask

For almost two full minutes, I heard little feet walking around the kitchen and a tiny voice muttering, “Uh-oh…. Uh-oh….”