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Until It Collapsed

Does it feel like the world is collapsing around you? You’re not alone on the days you feel overwhelmed by circumstances out of your control, but maybe this article will help you INTENTIONALLY focus on the bigger picture and trust your Creator, who wants nothing more than to give you a life lived in abundance and peace.

The Blessing of You

Originally written December 6, 1994Edited January 25, 2021 ++Dedicated to those who have been my angels on earth.++ You’ve always listened to me–not with your...


Originally written November 5, 1993 Honesty brings trust,and trust instills confidence,and when you have confidencelove can grow. Growing takes time,and time gives room to grow;and...

Because I Care

Originally written February 26, 1992 Because I care for youI won’t ask you for answers you’re not ready to give,I won’t make you out to...


During a sad moment in 1995, pondering: have I really forgotten what it means to smile?

God Still Answers

Originally written October 11, 1992Tweaked January 19, 2021 We doubt God.We ask Him for things, not truly believingHe will give them to us.It’s not that...